Joe Biden Arrest for Trespassing in Capital Building at 21

So, let’s get this straight. Jake Chansley shows up to the Capitol Building on January 6, 2012 because our President called him to stand up in his belief that the elections were being stolen and make his voice heard.

The man in this video takes the Office under suspicious circumstances, Jake gets thrown in jail and is made to be the poster boy for the new Administration’s policy on silencing and heavily punishing anyone who questions the narrative.

And, then we find out that this alleged president did EXACTLY the same thing when he was young and is now sitting in the highest office of the land? How’s that for irony.

I’d ask you not to be outraged, although the temptation is there for sure, and some of you  may not be able to help it. I’d rather ask that you DO something to be sure Jake has your support. This situation must be changed NOW by WE THE PEOPLE.

2 Responses to “Joe Biden Arrest for Trespassing in Capital Building at 21

  • Susan Vollmar
    2 years ago

    We need to go after the beltway judges. They are the ones responsible for our veterans and heroes being tortured. They are not only torturing our heroes, but they are terrorizing the American people out of defending themselves and this country from the tyranny that has taken over. These beltway judges are the Satan’s henchmen.

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