Meet Jake

Meet Jake...

Jake Angeli was born Jacob Anthony Chansley on July 1, 1988 to Martha Chansley and attended Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona. He also took courses in psychology, religion, and philosophy at an area college, Glendale Community College, before enlisting in the United States Navy on September 26, 2005.

A veteran who served his country honorably is also a man without a criminal history and who has never posed a threat to anyone. Jake Chansley CAN definitely be found guilty of wearing a coyote-skin headdress and calling himself “Q Shaman” if that were illegal, which it is not. And he could PROBABLY be accused of being eccentric because of his higher perspectives of the world at this time — some would call that conspiracy theorist, which is THE HOT “public supression label” of the last 50 years since JFK was killed in Dallas.

It is true that he made his way to Washington, D.C. for the Stop the Steal Rally. That is truth. It is also true that he was answering the call that President Trump put out to his supporters (who, by the way, were ALREADY certain there was election tampering in the 2020 election) to make their voices heard on that very important day.

And while there are some FACTS out there on the internet and television in the mainstream press, most paint a picture very different from the reality of that day. And, definitely they construe a narrative to make Jake “Angelis” Chansley their poster boy for the Capital “Insurrectionists”. Their message? Be sure to stay silent and do not stand proudly for what you believe or you too shall suffer the consequences of Jake!

What are those consquences? Unless you have been living in a cave (and who knows maybe you have), it’s been reported again and again that Jake Chansley has been charged with “a host of federal violations to include: civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.” And he sits in solitary confinement for those charges, denied any post trial release due to the “seriousness” of the crime and him being a “flight risk.” Even though Jake turned him self IN the day he found out the FBI wanted to question him.

However, if you look past the legal documents and merely look at ANY of the available footage from that day (in the process of uploading to this website), you would understand WHY he felt safe to talk to the FBI that day (the day he was thrown in a jail cell). ANY reasonable person with half a brain would be able to see that Jake spoke with Capital Police who gave him and those around him permission to enter the capital building so long as they remain peaceful and promised to “behave.”

The police agree to let protesters into the Capital (including Jake) so long as they remain peaceful and calm. Jakes reinforces this to the crowd.

Jake stops a protested from stealing a staffer’s muffin.

The videotapes also shows him clearly walking through a door to the Capital with a giant crowd, unhindered from any police whatsoever without breaking anything. There is no video footage showing him being violent at ALL, nor causing any damage at all. In fact, there IS video footage suggesting that he helped suppress damage and violence and even stopped someone from taking a muffin off a staffer’s desk. (see video)

Now he DID make his way to the Senate chamber and sat in the seat of then Vice President Pence to make a statement that THE PEOPLE had showed up for work that day, something he said was long overdue. He then took off his hat and lead a prayer.

For this, he sits in isolation in a jail cell up to 22 hours a day and more. And while Jake has admitted to the fact that it could be said he trespassed, he has stated that the other raft of charges which could result in a total of 20 years in prison is total overkill. Clearly, they are making an example of Jake Chansley.

Jake leads the protesters who entered the Senate Chambers in Prayer that the United States of American not be taken over by Globalists and Tyrants.

No matter where you turn, this young man from Phoenix, Arizona, has become a signature figure in the jan. 6. With his bare-chested appearance in bison horns and fur, he has been photographed by more people that many celebrities. The saving grace for Jake is that by his attorney’s words, “There’s 10 million miles of video footage of my client,” Watkins said on Newsmax TV’s “Greg Kelly Reports” on Wednesday. “None of it displays anything that is resembling violent, destructive. He wasn’t armed. He wasn’t shrouding his identity. In fact he was the most visible person there. He won the best costume contest of the day. He also helped police. He called for everyone to leave once President (Donald) Trump announced that it was time to go home. This man is a peaceful man. He’s a gentle man. It’s not the sign of someone you need to be afraid of.”

His own attorney has said, “Has my client trespassed? Yes. Was he conspiratorial? No. Was he trying to overthrow the government? No. Was he an insurrectionist? Trying to lead a coup? Are you kidding me? The guy is wearing horns and fur. My dog could garner more following faster than my client, who is a delightful young man. He needs to go back home, write books, poetry, do art, make pots and do his online Shaman thing.” And, although his attorney has shown quite a disservice to his client in so many ways, even he knows the seriousness of those charges are ridiculous. Certainly, he’s not going to speak out against the “machine” though.

Jake Chansley IS a non-violent and truly spiritual human being and is (by his own lawyer’s words) “a man of faith in shamanism, a longstanding faith.” In fact, the U.S. District Judge in charge of the case, Royce Lamberth, has actually seemed genuinely curious about Chansley’s spiritual convictions by asking him to “Tell me a little more about the religion,” the judge asked Watkins at one point. “I don’t know a thing about it.” Anyone who understand Shamanism will be able to tell you that it is NOT a religion. It is a far cry from ‘RELIGION’ but a spiritual practice.

So far, law enforcement officials have charged more than 150 people for their roles in the Capitol riot. Most of the defendants face relatively minor charges like trespassing and disorderly conduct and have been released pending trial. But, Jake as not been release and was denied his freedom pending trial for obvious reasons. He is a well spoken young man who holds a lot of infuence now on the people. If they released Jake, he would speak for sure. And, surely, those who do not want the truth heard are not going to let that happen.

Please, do what you can, if you feel so called to make sure your voice is heard. Do not let the tyrannical system stop you from speaking your truth and doing what you are called to do to save our great nation. And if you feel so inclined, there are many things you can do to help Free Jake. The first is to going our mail list so we can make you aware of any events or activities where your voice could be effective. Sign up to receive email regard Jake HERE.