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Following the removal of his YouTube channel last year along with many of us others, Jake starting posting as YellowstoneWolfZA on Rumble. The following videos were uploaded to Rumble starting November 23, 2020. By listening to any of Jakes videos it is clear that he as a lucid and clear grasp of many subjects. Although people may not be aware of some of these topics, and may challenge their truth because they are unaware, Jake’s ability to communicate these topics in clear and concise ways it quite a testimony to his sound mind and knowledge level.

The most recent video is the first one going back to November of 2020. There is 30 hours of the actual Jake Angelis Chansley on here. If you take time to watch, you will learn alot about the person who is being held against his constitutional rights.

The New Heaven on Earth

A detailed look at the numerous ways we can transform our societies to create Heaven on Earth in a matter of a few short months.

Spiritual Warfare: Parasites

A deeper look at the human/child trafficking issue and how it relates to the bigger picture.

Exposing The Cabal

A profound look at the way information warfare is used to guard evil & corruption while also preying on the innocent.

Sex Slaves, Pornography & Mind Control

A deep dive into the world of mind control, sex slaves, and their uses in the Deep State or in secret societies. (older video from previous channel)

Spiritual Warfare: Communism & Black Magick

A deep dive into the black magick & Satanic roots of communism & the NWO.

History: From Dark To Light

A deep dive into the many topics & facts that were in the dark for decades & are now coming to light in more than one way.

The New Woke Order

A deeper look at the plandemic & the role it has played in the election, economy & psychological state of the US & the world.

Globalism, Elections & Fraud

A deep dive into the election process in the US & how it has been hijacked by globalists & communists.

The Big Picture: Socio-Economic Slavery
A deep dive into the nature of global socio-economic systems & how it relates to the enslavement of humanity
Aliens Walking Among Us
A science-based analysis of the ET/UFO phenomenon based on a decade’s worth of countless hours of research.
The Election & Information Warfare

A deep dive into the election, how it relates to globalism and information warfare.

U.S. Space Force: Technologies & History

A closer look at the US Space Force, its function, its technologies & its history.

Victories On The Spiritual Battlefield
 A deep dive into the many different victories that we have seen throughout the past several weeks regarding the election & putting an end to globalism
Spiritual Warfare Advanced Levels
 A deep dive into the way religion, ancient cultures, physics, sacred geometry, and philosophy all work together to create the spirit world & the physical world.
Hillary, The CCP, Treason & Globalism
A detailed look at the link between Hillary Clinton, Globalists like Soros, communists like the Chinese.
The CCP’s Election & Vaccine Fraud

A deep dive into the many ways the CCP & globalists have attempted to infiltrate the US & its systems, both medical and electoral.

The Controversial Truth: Sep-11th
A deep and profound look at the circumstances regarding 9-11 and how that attack on the American people has affected everyone all over the globe.
Here’s The Plan

A broader view of “The Plan” everyone has been asked to trust.

How Patriots Hold The Line
A deep dive into the election results in a brand new context with new data, new testimonies, & revealing stories.