Free Jake Free Jake Free Jake
Free Jake
An American Patriot & Political Prisoner
Free Jake
An American Patriot & Political Prisoner
Free Jake
An American Patriot & Political Prisoner


Where There Is Injustice…WE THE PEOPLE Will Right the Wrongs Together

In the United States of America, our precious Constitution guarantees Americans — among other important God-given liberties — the right to a speedy trial. Today there is no such protections in our Kangaroo Courts.

On January 6th, patriotic and spiritually-centered Jake (Angelis) Chansley walked into the U.S. Capital. Invited by Capital police (video proof given), he answered his President’s call to peacefully assemble with regards to the integrity of our elections. Jake requested all who accompanied him in that building that day be respectful. He discouraged any kind of destructive behavior, including telling someone NOT to steal a muffin on someone’s desk. Does this sound like someone who deserves to be in solitary confinement?

This website is dedicated to helping people get to know the REAL Jake Chansley. And, hopefully give reason to our nation to UNITE as ONE PEOPLE.

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Jake is a military veteran and spiritual teacher, evidenced by his sometimes mind-blowing but always informative videos. 

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