The Need to DO Something

Over the past several years, we have seen some pretty extraordinary people become political prisoners. There’s Julian Assange, Mike Flynn, Austin Steinbart to name a few ~ People who speak truth and cause issues for certain people in charge. But as heinous as those political prisoners were, no one can deny when knowing the facts, the solitary confinement of Jake (Angelis) Chansley should be considered any freedom-loving American’s worst nightmare.

In the blog we will bring all kinds of information to you about the situation Jake (and his family/friends) are facing. We will share with you what we can tell you about what Jake is going through as we learn it. He has been in solitary confinement for 6 months as of the launch of this website, was denied pre-trial release and is still imprisoned pending trial which has not even been set yet. Who KNOWS when that trial date will be set.

So I decided to do something about it. As a web designer and brand specialist in my industry, I knew I could not sit quietly on the sidelines. This man who has become known to the public as the Q Shaman, among other names, deserves everything the American people can do to support him. AND, having become acquainted with his family, and starting to get to know who Jake really is, I felt a God-driven prompting to help in any way I can.

Hell knows we have become a divided society (by design I might add). If anything can unite this great nation of the United States of America, it should be over the incredulous injustice of our two-tier legal system and Kangaroo courts. As a citizens of this country, it should scare the shit out of you to realize that you can be detained and put in solitary confinement, if you are considered a threat messenger to those who sit at the helm of our government and courts.

So if you’d like to get familiar with Jake, and participate in any way with his freedom and mission to unite America, we welcome you here. Sign up to receive our periodic blog posts. Share memes we have posted, Share videos and images. Make your own and send them in so we can include them here. However, and if, you feel called to make a difference, join the Digital Battlefield in a peaceful and loving way to bring justice to a man who only wanted to help win our freedom and ensure our elections were fair.

Jake’s Advocate, Website Editor

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