Jake Needs Your Help…Letter Writing Campaign Needed!

The top priority right now is to ensure Jake’s mental health due to his being completely locked down in solitary confinement. Remember, this has been the case for over SIX MONTHS with no definitive end in sight. Think about that…

If you want to know how severe it is, his mother, Martha, just informed us that they have taken out all library books! He has no radio, TV or window to see sunlight. This is insanity! Or rather, they are trying to make him insane by leaving him with his thoughts only ~ all day long. This is definitely torture. And, the way you can help is to get him as many letters as possible!

If it can be done legally, a copy of a book printed from a copier (with no book cover) would give him something to read. ANY thing that will give him hope and bring him the comfort of knowing that some one cares would be greatly appreciated.

Send All Correspondence to:

Jake Chansley
Alexandria Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

The other things you can do is:

1. Subscribe to our Blog to keep updated on campaigns to help Jake (UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER)

2. Share this post to all Telegram chats and other social media platforms as you can.

3. Continue to share memes, videos, blog posts to enlighten the general public to his plight.

4. Donate for his legal defense as soon as our campaign is active.

ANYthing you can do will help Jake. And by extension, you are helping all political prisoners who desperately need our support at this time. We never know when it might be us or our family that ends up in this situation.

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